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Accordion Book

An Accordion Book

An accordion book is one folded into several equal sections. Covers are attached at both ends, and ribbon may be glued under the back cover, if desired. The safest way to get even spaces, is to fold the strip in half, fold each half in half again, to make a four page book. Or continue folding in halves for an 8 page book. Refold the strip in alternate valley and mountain folds.

The pages may then be written on, stamped or otherwise decorated.

 Measure and cut two covers " larger in both directions. Glue the back of the first section, and apply the front cover, being careful to center it. Apply glue to the back of the last section, lay a length of ribbon crosswise, and apply glue to the ribbon, and attach the back cover. The covers may be decorated if desired. Fold the accordion, tie the bow, and the book is finished.

The accordion may be printed on the computer. Do not fold the strip. Check the printer so see what the minimum width is, and put the strip of paper in the printer. Go to File, Page set up, Landscape, Width (which will be the long way of your paper), and Height. Set the margins you wish for each page. Go to format, Columns, and change the little 1 to 4 or whatever size you have chosen. Pick the font you wish. Then you will automatically be able to write in the spaces, which will be the pages, after it is printed and folded. Fold evenly as above, and apply the covers.


This tutorial contributed by: Frances Groves