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Christina Lazar

My name is Christina Lazar-Schuler, and I'm still getting used to that long name (was just married in April 2000)... Anyway, I'm a blossoming freelance graphic and product designer in Richmond, BC, CANADA. I also work for a government office in BC and I've been free-lancing for 3years, own my own small manufacturing company, as well as being a partner in a home-based craft company for over 4 years. If you're wondering when I sleep... The answer is "WHAT SLEEP??".  
My primary form of artwork is digitally based collage and montage, as well as illustration and some 3D artwork; however, I still rely heavily on traditional rubber stamp/collage for of art and often use traditional art techniques to augment the digital work I do.
My background, artistically speaking, is primarily self-taught and instinctive. Basically, I know what I like, and create my artwork for me as a form of art-therapy... Colour and texture have always fascinated me and although I have little formal training in fine arts, I have found myself being drawn to certain digital artists because of their use of colour and texture. The digital collage medium is truly unique and the process of learning and experimenting with digital collage has been quite a journey. The programs available are numerous and often expensive, but the costs have been well worth the rewards I've reaped (in terms of experience and hands-on experimentation).  Flexibility and experimentation is unmatched when it comes to digital collage, once you know what you're doing that is,  and the freedom to experiment on a monitor instead of a canvas is encouraging. On a canvas there is no "Undo" feature and often experiments can lead you down the wrong path as quickly as the right one.
I began experimenting with this new medium and found it to be confusing, exciting, and highly addictive! I bought books upon books, magazine on magazine detailing "special effect" techniques in Photoshop and Illustrator (my primary graphics programs) and voraciously ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Slowly, after months and years of digesting the info I'd read, I began to create these intricate digital works of art and slowly began to show them to my husband (boyfriend at the time **grin**), family and friends. The response and encouragement has been overwhelming... From the older set I often hear, "I don't understand it, it's kind of confusing, but I really like the colours and textures you've used..." and from the people closer to my age (30 somethings) "Wow, that's really cool... But what does it mean?" . Sometimes, I get just a simple... "Amazing..."  . So, the people around me like my family, friends and co-workers have, over the last few years, encouraged me to pursue my graphic design/collage art on a professional level and I think I'm on my way to doing that full-time. The next step is a full on-line portfolio group, where hopefully I can begin to generate so more clients...  **Please, please - she says with fingers crossed**
Right now, I still work full-time at my government job, but my and my husband's goal for me is to be a full time free-lance designer and work from our home. We plan on having child(ren) soon and hope that if I am successful as a freelance artist, that I can be the stay-at-home-mom I want to be. It would be wonderful to be able to be at home with my child(ren) and still bring in a decent living - you know, supporting my crafting/tag art habits gets expensive! House chores... Hmmmm, that's a dilemma I guess we'll have to face when, and if, my dreams come true... Anybody know a good house keeper?
Please feel free to email me with any critiques, comments, suggestions or just to tell me I'm nuts for living the hectic, creative, frenzied life I (and now my husband) live. I always love to make new friends and meet other artists. I can be reached at multiple addresses, so take your pick :) - , - , , and finally I welcome all interested parties and look forward to hearing from you all!