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Cold Laminating

Directions for Cold Laminate Technique

Supply list:

*Cold Laminate sheets (C-Line or JM Brands are available at Sam's Club or Office Depot)

*Photocopied, laser printed, or magazine images (Ink jet images won't work)

*COLD water (even lukewarm water can weaken the adhesive)

*Card stock for finished art

*Two or more of the following:

Magic Leaf Flakes

Gel pens (Y&C Gel xtreme work best)

Paint pens Marvy Metallic Markers


Powdered Pearls

Fairy Dust


Thin exotic paper scraps

Other thin embellishments


  1. Cut laminate to the size you want, I like 1/4 sheets. I also cover the back of the piece with laminate when I am done decorating, so I use 1/2 sheet for each piece.
  2. Trim images closely if you want to include more than one. I have used both small and large images, and overlapped as well. The images need to be photocopied or printed with a laser printer onto inexpensive paper. You can copy a full sheet of single images or stamp a collage and photocopy it. Magazine images will change or lose color when they transfer. Mary Hackney told me that she used ink jet images printed on glossy paper.
  3. Peel backing from laminate and place images FACE DOWN onto the adhesive side, carefully rub image to be sure it is all stuck down. Be careful that stray hairs or lint don't get on the adhesive, they may not come off.
  4. Fill container with COLD water. If the water is warm, the adhesive softens and can come off the laminate, also warm water will cloud the adhesive.
  5. Soak the piece in the cold water until the paper is completely wet. Most copy paper will turn a grayish color when soaked. Once the paper is soaked, leave the paper in the water and gently rub the paper off the adhesive. When the adhesive is wet, it is not sticky. The paper should roll off in small pieces leaving the black lines of the image. This takes a bit of practice and patience. Sometimes the paper is stubborn and needs to be rubbed several times. I use just my fingers, but a soft sponge will work also. If you rub to hard the image will get scratched as well. As long as the piece is wet, the paper can be removed. When you think all the paper is gone, remove the piece from the water.
  6. DO NOT use a cloth to dry it!!! It must air dry because it will dry sticky and the cloth will leave lint. DO NOT use heat to dry it either, the laminate will melt. I lay out a towel to lay the piece on (laminate side down) and continue to rub it gently to remove any left over paper.
  7. Once the piece is dry, it will regain its original stickiness. Hold it up to a light to see if all the paper is off. If not rewet it and rub more.
  8. Once the piece is dry you can start to decorate it! Here are decorating tips: -put magic leaf flakes on all of the image or just on some areas. -color the images with gel pens (be sure you let the ink dry) -use a paint brush to add pearl-ex, Powdered Pearls, or Angel dust. You can actually paint these colors onto the image. -- The powders will stick anywhere you put them, so be careful of crumbs. -sprinkle glitter on the piece, I use different colors on the same piece, but remember that you cant just tip it off, it will stick to anything it touches. -add scraps of paper to different areas. -add confetti -just be creative!
  9. Once the piece is done, cover the back with another piece of laminate to seal it and trim to the size you want.
  10. I use clear double stick tape to put it on cardstock. Since light will shine through, a window card would work also.



These are decorated stick pens. I tried a couple of techniques to make these. The 4 on the left are made by applying clear double sided adhesive to the pen then rolling it in foil, next I added another layer of adhesive and rolled them again in clear holeless beads until completely covered. The next one was rolled once in transparent purple beads only, and the one on the right was rolled once in Beedz brand beads.

This tutorial was contributed by: Lorrie Oreck
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