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Hand Phrases

Thank you to everyone who submitted their item for the
 "Creative Hand Phrases" list. The submissions were too numerous to mention everyone by name.
Perhaps these phrases will inspire you with ideas for the 
'Creative Hands Project'


The hands of time
A bird in the hand
Second hand Rose
First hand information
Hand me that bottle...
Hand-le with care
Un-hand me
Hands down
Hands up!
Hand over your money
The touch of a hand
Give me a hand



The hand that rocks the cradle
Helping hands
Time on my hands
Dishwater hands
Hands across the water
All hands on board
All hands on deck
Hands on
Wash your hands
Hands off....
A backhanded compliment?
Hand in hand?



One hand scratches the other? (Is that how it goes?)
One hand washes the other
A handout?
Hand me downs?
Melts in your mouth, not in your hands
Handy man
Raise your hand
Clap your hands
Put your hand in the hand of the man . . .
Hand it over
Hand in marriage




Hand-el, the music
Hands across America
Don't let the right hand know what the left hand's doing.



Shake hands
One handed
Under handed
Whole world in his hands
Use your hand <grin>
I want to hold your haaaaand. 
Hand in hand
A mother's hand
The hand of Gad
In good hands


A handful of silver
Handlebar moustache
Clean hands & a pure heart.
Cold hand of death
Lend a hand
Heart in hand
If thy right hand offend thee.
Winning hand



Nature's sweet cunning hand.
Cash in your hand
Bite the hand that feeds you.
Hat in hand
Idle hands
Lilly white hands
Deal a hand
Hand of justice



Contributions submitted by the members of the "Beyond Tags" E-group.
And others.