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Helga Strauss

I am 29 years old and live in Victoria, BC, Canada. I am originally from the  San Francisco Bay Area, California. I graduated from the University of   Oregon with a B.A. in Art History. After graduating, I worked in the interior design field for many years and now I am a Personal Assistant.

In my free time, my art consumes me. Creativity feeds my soul. When I go through a few months of non-creativity, I'm not my usual bubbly self. Whereas when I am in the middle of a flourish of artistic expression, I feel truly alive. I have played with many art mediums: oil painting, acrylics, paper arts, rubber stamping, making jewelry , pottery, collage, pen and ink, calligraphy, needlework. It's all wonderful!

My latest passion has been paper arts. I find that participating and hosting swaps has given me fuel for my fire. I love the challenge of an interesting theme and a deadline really helps me get things done! I love the inspiration that comes along with sharing ones work with others.


Below are a few samples of my work.







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