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Lyn Avedikian

Hi All: I'll try to make this simple...yeah, right!

Name: Lyn Avedikian

Occupation: Home-maker, Overprotective Mother, Wife of Dentist, Friend to Many wonderful women (and men, I guess!!!) Female jock, ie: skier, long distance cyclist, tennis player, power walker, golfer, and any other sport that basically keeps my feet on the ground....this means no bungie jumping or para least not yet!!!

Age: 42 1/2 
Married: Quite content....20 years
children: son, 18, on his way to college, daughter, 16, on her way to
driving me crazy.....
Pets: 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 guinea pigs (I had a hard time saying no to my

Hobbies: Well, a few years ago I loved cooking, decorating, flower arranging, gardening.....I was a make-up artist for quite awhile and then did interior decorating....I always felt that there was something in me that was artistic and expressive. I always loved doing floral arrangements, either fresh, silk or dried. I always loved decorating for me or anyone else!!! I used to do make- up for brides and bridal parties, or for proms and other special occasions.

Four years ago I discovered the art of Rubber Stamping. I no longer want to cook or decorate or do much of anything else!!!! I began with simple stamping and it escalated from there....Now I love collage, tags, assemblage, bookmaking, boxes, etc, etc.....There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day for all I have to do and WANT to do!! And a friend recently got me into scenic stamping. It's another whole world....I almost feel like I won't live long enough to do all I want to do!

My style of stamping and all other things is kind of "collagey". Even when I make a simple birthday card it comes out like a collage!! I have no formal training and I learn much from the "lists" and books and the few classes that are available in my area. (NJ). I belong to a stamp club in Southern NJ and in October I'm going to Art Continuum for the first time. (quite psyched for this!). I feel as though my life has really taken off and become even more fulfilled because of this wonderful artistic world I have entered into.....I am happy every day that I can get up and turn on my computer and then go down into my "studio" (a window-less basement that I share with the cat box and stinky old refrigerator!) but it's my little slice of heaven!!!!!!!!

Favorite stamp companies: Acey Deucy, Toybox, Zettiology, Bella Rosa Paper Arts, Stampsmith, Magenta, Beeswax, Rubber Poet, Rubber Moon, Stampers Anonymous, etc, etc, etc.

Well, I'm sure this is very fractured and unorganized, not unlike myself, but it is a little glimpse of me...
Wishing you all love, peace and creativity!!!!

Lyn Avedikian






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