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Monthly Themes for the Tag Art Creations Artists





This can include card games, board games, childhood games. Any type of game goes........but being as next months theme is. Love & Romance...the game of love should be avoided. :)

Due: 6/30/00
If you've just joined the TAC gallery....You may complete this theme & submit it to me when finished, I'll add it to the gallery.


"Love & Romance"


 (Submitted by: Nancy Hunt-Bartek)

Something romantic.......need  we say more?

Due: 7/31/00 

August :  

"Heavy Metal"

 (Submitted by: Marie Camba)

Use metallic's , paints, fibers, charms, papers, embellishments

Due: 8/31/00

Reminder....I need Bio's for , Nov & Dec....
Artist of the month........Contact me.


 "Childhood Memories"


 (Submitted by: Patricia Hillery)

Can include various items that trigger childhood memories.

Due: 9/30/00

Reminder....I need Bio's for , Nov & Dec....
Artist of the month........Contact me.


"Art Deco"


(Submitted by: Jenny Taliadoros)

Art Deco -- Look for the Art Deco influence in architecture, art, patterns, fashions, jewelry, and other objects to incorporate into your tag art.

The term "Art Deco" is used to refer to a mix of styles from the 1920s and1930s. The distinguishing features of the style are simple, clean shapes, often with a "streamlined" look. The world of Art Deco represents a "graciousness of form" from a simpler time.


Art Deco Home Page
Encyclopedia Britannica

Due: 10/31/00


"From the Vineyards"

(Submitted by: Rebekah Hodous)

Anything that has to do with wine. From wine bottle labels, Old wine logos, grapes, presses......  Let your imagination run wild....smell the grapes in the air.

Due: 11/30/00


" Ancestors  ~ Families"

( Submitted by: Melissa McCobb Hubbell)

Pull out those old family photos. Reminisce with long lost family members.  Celebrate this holiday season remembering those who mean the most.

Due: 12/31/00


January 2001:

Coming Soon

(Submitted by: Lorie Brofsky)


Due: 1/31/01

February 2001:

" European Travels" 

(Submitted by: Sandi Schmidt)

A tour of Europe...famous places, country side,

Due: 2/28/01

March 2001

"Black & White"

(Submitted by: Pam Yee)


April 2001

"Art Shrine"

(Submitted by: Helga Strauss)

One could add "doors" to a tag and decorate the "interior" with all sorts of fun stuff.


May 2001


(Submitted by: Stephanie Glassman)

Anything to do with time: watches, old or new clocks, an hourglass, sundials,

Father Time. Or start with a favorite saying or quote about time, i.e. "Art is long, and Time is fleeting..." (H.W. Longworth) and let your mind create a tag that expresses this timely theme.



June 2001

"Who influences your work?"

(Submitted by: Christina Lazar)

Who in the artistic, cultural or everyday world has the most impact and influence on your life? Is it your mother, father, husband? How about an artist like VanGogh, or musician like Lenny Kravitz? Imagery can include song lyrics, examples of artwork, photos, you name it... as you can depict the key person/people of influence in your life.


July 2001

"Radiant in Reds"

(Submitted by: Kimberly Bartholomew)

To consist of Tags in red and/or what

the color Red brings to mind for you, etc....


The tags are due (in my mail box or email box) by the last day of each month.

You can also send me tags in advance...just be sure to mark the month in the email.

Please ! Stick to the theme for the month. And Please ! send me 1 tag only for any given month. You may send fresh work for your  gallery page, but please mark it accordingly. Thank you.

You may use any size tag, any shape too. Any technique your heart long as its a tag.

These tags will go on permanent display on this website for all to enjoy. Please submit only 1 tag (your very best work) and I would like the tag submitted to be one that you do not plan on displaying else where on the web.

Please put " Monthly Tag Gallery" in the subject line of your email. (Include month too) ..(example.... June Monthly Tag Gallery) And in the body of the email....please include your email address & your name.

I hope that all of you will participate in this monthly tag gallery.

My address for those that need to send their tags to be scanned:

Rebekah Hodous
3522 West 58th. Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

* Please send SASE for the return of your tag.*

I would also like to add to the site , the "Artist of the month"

Each one of you will have your month in the spot light…….a sampling of your latest works, and a short bio. Your photo too, if you would like to send me one.
So……..gather up your info, write your bio and email me all the goodies. Please place the words Artist of the Month in the subject line of the email.

I’ll post them in the order in which I receive your information.

Thank you all for taking the time to be part of this.