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Polished Stone Techniques



large Stamp
black permanent ink
cotton wipe (Webril Wipes, available at paper craft stores)
Tria inks ( Cottage Stamper, Artgrafix)
glossy card stock


Squeeze the Tria ink bottle to apply ink to the cotton wipe. Use colors that compliment each other, applying side by side on the cotton wipe. Apply the ink to the glossy card stock by either swiping the cotton wipe across the card or using a blotting motion. Make sure the entire surface of the card is covered with color. The alcohol in the ink makes it dry very fast.

Ink your stamp up with the black permanent ink. Press the stamp firmly on the card stock. If you place your card on a hard floor surface, you may use foot power (stand on the stamp) to ink the card evenly.



This tutorial was contributed by: Pam Yee
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