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Welcome to the Tag Art  Creations Gallery.
I would love to review your work for possible inclusion  on this site. If you create beautiful works of art using tags or other works done with, collage, paper arts, boxes, altered books,  & cards, be sure to contact me for a place in this gallery.
E-mail me at:
Please put  "Gallery" in the subject line of your e-mail and either send me a file of your work or a web address of where I can view it.

If you would like me to review your artwork, but do not have access to a scanner, you can e-mail me &  I'll give you my address & further instructions. I'll scan your work & return your work to you.

This site last updated on:9/19/00

The Artists


Nancy Hunt-Bartek

Rebekah Hodous

Terri Bolliger

Marie Camba

Kay Popelka

Lyn Avedikian

Jean Peter

Joyce T

Sue Giduck

Jenny Taliadoros

Sandi Schmidt

Lori Brofsky

Linda Reid

Debra Emmrich

Patricia Hillery

Melissa McCobb Hubbell

Frances Groves


Pam Yee

Michelle Ward

Barbara Gregory Pearlman

Helga Strauss

Stephanie Glassman

Janis Doucette Sexton

Denise Harrington

Christina Lazar-Schuler

Kimberly A. Bartholomew

Shirley Culter

Michele Templeman




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Please respect the creativity of the artists work on this site. No portion may be reproduced without written permission from the artist.
Several of the artists on this site own copyrights on their work, so please......take no chances.