Simple Bookbinding


One of the easiest, but effective bookbinding method, is the pamphlet stitch.

For a small book, it may have 3 holes, for a larger or heavier book, 5 or even 7 holes. To begin a small book, divide a sheet of 8 "x11" into 4 equal pieces, 4 "x5 ".
Fold each in half the long way, and nest together. This is one signature. Measure and cut heavier or decorative paper the same, or slightly large size. Center the signature into the cover. You may want to apply paper or alligator clips to hold things in place.

For a 3 hole binding, find the center of the fold of the signature, and make a hole through all layers with a push pin or needle. Make another hole 1" above and another 1" below. Thread a needle with embroidery or similar thread, and leaving about a 6" tail, go in the center hole from the outside, up to and out the top hole, go by the center hole to the bottom hole, go in and back out the center hole, being sure to have the thread on the opposite side of the long string. Tie a square knot and a bow if desired. Your little book is finished!


This tutorial contributed by: Frances Groves