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Barbara Gregory Pearlman


I was born in Brooklyn, NY a fair number of years ago.  I sketched my way out of my mother one Sept. 9th morning and haven't stopped creating ever since.  Was an honor student in High School.  Member of the National Honor Society. 

Did some acting and some modeling while still in high school.  (I went to Erasmus Hall High School, and two of my classmates were Bobby Fischer - the chess champion and BARBARA STREISAND, who was in several of my classes and who sat behind me in Phys. Ed.)  

Married at 18 (not so smart after all!) and had 3 children by the time I was 21.  Three daughters...Lisa, and identical twin girls, Liane & Lynn, who are all married now and each have 2 children of their own.  (6 grandchildren - 3 boys, 3 girls) I divorced my husband when I was 32.  My present husband and I have been married for a little more than 4 years, very happily. (I finally got it right!)

My life has always been filled with creativity.  I'm an artist, (oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels and linocuts) and my work has sold to various people all over the country.  I'm a designer and have designed logos, advertising backgrounds, stationery, book covers, fabrics, etc. I'm a writer whose work has been published widely. (Newspapers, magazines, short stories, some advertising, etc.).  I've had my own newspaper column and have even written some songs; one of which was seriously considered by Peter, Paul & Mary.  They finally chose another song instead, which went on to become a big hit.  Who knows, mine might have been?  I never sent it out for publication again.  Lost interest.
I'm a poet whose work has appeared in many different publications and journals.  My book of poetry, "Once Upon My Life" was published in 1975 and sold out first printing, which is most unusual for poetry.  My work was also featured in the poetry book, "Afterflash",  whose title came from one of my poems.  The book featured the work of 7 top Long Island poets, and I was one.
I've worked as a professional photographer in New York. I also did medical photography as a sideline. (And so I could eat!)  My artistic photography has won many different awards, locally, nationally and internationally.

 I was named "Photographer of the Year" twice, and several of my photographs won "Slide of the Year".  My photography now is mostly limited to pictures of my grandchildren and to travel.  My husband Ben and I travel pretty much all over the world, and I usually come home with about 65 rolls of film to develop.

For a time I lived in Dallas, and, I owned a gourmet cheesecake business - "More Please Cheesecakes" and did cakes for top restaurants & caterers and for private parties for such people as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, President of Frito Lay, Mary Kay of Mary Kay Cosmetics, etc.  

 In the past 4 years we've been to such places as Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, England, Russia, Japan (several times), Costa Rica, Gibralta, Portugal, China (twice and will return there again in October for a month), to name a few. We've also traveled to various places in the United States such as Alaska.

While living in N.Y., invited to teach at several schools as "Artist In Residence" when the school systems were fortunate enough to receive a National Endowment for the Arts Grant.  I enjoyed working with the students and my courses were extremely well-received.  I now teach courses in Collage at UNLV, here in Las Vegas and do some acting as well. (Commercials so far.)
I've worked as a Director of Marketing and later as an art consultant for a very big import/export company that dealt in all kinds of art materials.

 Right now my husband and I own our own stamp company, GOTCHA IMAGES, which is primarily a mail-order business at the moment.  We're working on having our website built and hope to have it up & running fairly soon.  The work in our catalog is quite varied, and a number of the stamps have been made from my own artwork ( watercolors & linocuts, for example) and my own designs.  I'm excited about being able to share my art in this new way.  The company came about because a lot of stampers asked me if I could have some of my art made into stamps. 

Before we knew it, we out of retirement and back in business!  Our business will only be open for 10 months a year, so that we can continue to travel and also seek out unusual art materials for our customers.  Right now we are featuring beautiful Chinese Paper Cuts that we bought in various cities in China on our last trip.

My stamp-related art has appeared in such publications as Rubber Stamper, Somerset Studio, Rubberstampmadness, 
Vamp Stamp News, National Stampagraphic, YOWZA, etc.  I am especially known for my collage work.
To sum it up, if I had one word to describe who Barbara Gregory-Pearlman is, the word would be CREATIVE.  It is so strongly a part of my soul and make-up.  Now you know who I am.  (Don't laugh, it took me years to find out myself!)

My favorite 2 words:

"What if ?" What if I add this?...what if I try that?...what if I put that over there? See what I mean?



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